Planting a butterfly garden in washington dc

Planting a butterfly garden in washington dc

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Butterfly Gardening Defined Below are specific topics about butterfly gardening. What to consider when starting a butterfly garden. Area This mini manual was created by a club member specifically for beginning gardeners in the D. Metro area. Host plants for locally native butterfly species.

  • Butterfly Garden: How to Design One
  • Attracting Butterflies to Mississippi Gardens
  • Butterfly gardening
  • Bird & Butterfly Garden
  • Butterflies in the Garden
  • Smithsonian Gardens Butterfly Habitat
  • How to Grow Butterfly Bushes Responsibly
  • How to Plant a Butterfly Garden No Matter Where You Live
  • How To Create a Butterfly Garden
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Butterfly Garden: How to Design One

Anita Goetz, U. Asheville, NC — As part of a national effort to stave the decline of monarch butterflies, Buncombe, Madison, Yancey, and Mitchell counties now have 13 new butterfly gardens, many installed by area students.

The partnership is also working closely with Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy to establish habitat on selected conservation easements. There are two monarch populations in the United States — western and eastern. Eastern monarchs overwinter at a single location in Mexico, allowing researchers to keep close tabs on population size, which has declined over the past twenty years.

The Fish and Wildlife Service has been asked to place the monarch on the federal endangered species list as a threatened species. While that decision is pending, the Service is working nation-wide to support local efforts to install butterfly gardens. The gardens help create habitat for the monarch butterfly by providing several types of native milkweed, the only plant the monarch will lay its eggs on, as well as other nectar sources for the butterflies and other pollinators. Monarch Rescue will also provide educational programming to participating schools this coming September as the migration makes its way through western North Carolina.

Students will learn about the life cycle of the monarch, its migration and learn to tag and release classroom-raised butterflies. Monarch Rescue offers a 4-week monarch butterfly program in local schools during the month of September. Fish and Wildlife Service - The mission of the U. Fish and Wildlife Service is working with others to conserve, protect, and enhance fish, wildlife, plants, and their habitats for the continuing benefit of the American people.

We are both a leader and trusted partner in fish and wildlife conservation, known for our scientific excellence, stewardship of lands and natural resources, dedicated professionals, and commitment to public service.

For more information on our work and the people who make it happen, visit www.

Attracting Butterflies to Mississippi Gardens

The Smithsonian Butterfly Habitat Garden is 11, square foot area that supports plant species having specific relationships to life cycles of eastern United States butterflies. Plant labels provide a plant's botanical name, common name, region of origin and indicates the specific life cycle it supports. This garden also demonstrates a variety of plant species that can be used to attract butterflies to any garden. With tours available on a regular basis, a visitor can view the actual butterfly life cycle and gain insight into the miraculous metamorphosis of the butterfly species. It is an experience that will allow the visitor to learn to recognize and thus appreciate the butterfly in all its growth stages. Bring a camera and a quick eye.

The best butterfly habitat is a diverse landscape. Depending on the species, butterflies need particular host plants for laying eggs. You may think of plants.

Butterfly gardening

Oct 14, Uncategorized. Christina Teague is a marketing and public relations consultant specializing in educational and awareness campaigns through print and social media. Experience assisting nonprofit organizations and small businesses with branding, outreach, advocacy, development and media relations. Christina enjoys her garden and is a member of the Albemarle Garden Club. Keith Woodard became a registered architect inWoodard Properties began in when he established the business to design, build, and manage investment properties in and near Charlottesville.His hobbies include traveling and ballroom dancing with my wife Adrienne, playing piano, wood-working projects and making things, landscaping and improving the house that I built and have lived in sinceJay Townsend was born and raised in Albemarle County. Townsend Landscapes.

Bird & Butterfly Garden

Give a gift in honor of a loved one this holiday season and we will email you a personalized Happy Holidays E-certificate. We will ensure your gift goes where it's needed most - helping to ensure the health and promotion of pollinators and their vital ecosystems. The Garden Club of America GCA Board of Associates Centennial Pollinator Fellowship provides funding to a current graduate student to study the causes of pollinator decline, in particular bees, bats, butterflies and moths, which could lead to potential solutions for their conservation and sustainability. Click HERE to apply!

Public Safety. One dead, one injured in wrong-way crash on I-8 near Ocean Beach.

Butterflies in the Garden

The plantings around and behind the stone entrance sign at the corner of Shorline Dr. Because this area is near a busy intersection and does not have accessible parking it is not designed for foot traffic visitors. The plight of Monarch butterflies has been a big science news story over the last few years. Far fewer of them were making it to their winter home in Mexico. A major reason for this is the loss of milkweed plants which is the sole plant type that they lay their eggs on and the caterpillar eats.

Smithsonian Gardens Butterfly Habitat

Host Plants are used by butterflies as places to lay their eggs, and then as food by the emerging caterpillars, so including some in your garden will attract even more species. But butterflies are often very picky about which plants they use as hosts, a departure from their more generic tastes in nectar plants. For example, the Monarch caterpillars will only eat the milkweed plant. Fennel is considered naturalized or invasive in almost every state in the US and Canada. Dill reseeds, but less so. Our native carrot relative, Golden Alexanders Zizea is a great alternative and is, in fact, one of the natural food sources for its butterfly.

1. Native Perennials For Butterfly Gardens In The Washington, D.C. Region. Scientific Name & Common. Name Of Plants That Are. Common Food Plants For.

How to Grow Butterfly Bushes Responsibly

Come the imminent summer planting, the garden transformation will be almost unbelievable. A plethora of vibrant blooms will pop up, making the garden the perfect peaceful resting place for students on campus. A monarch butterfly rests on the flower of a Tithonia, or Mexican Sunflower. Yet humans are only one species among many that gardeners hope to attract—bees, rabbits, owls, hummingbirds and of course, butterflies all stop by, and many make the garden their home.

How to Plant a Butterfly Garden No Matter Where You Live

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This document is not copyrighted and may be circulated freely if properly credited. Last updated May 22,Coyotebrush Baccharis pilularis and ssp. Both prostrate and erect forms are extremely attractive to all fall butterflies, including Blues, Ladies Vanessa sp.

In April , I got a call from some office within the White House.

How To Create a Butterfly Garden

Stone paths fashioned into the wings of a butterfly hint of the garden's future. For right now, though, the butterfly garden near Oregon Ridge Nature Center is mostly tiny plants and dirt. But to the three Possidente girls — Maggie, 11, Ava, 10, and Lucia, 6 — who have worked for more than a year to make it a reality, the garden is beautiful. Her sister, Ava, is reserving judgment since the plants are still so small, but she's looking forward to seeing it bloom, which should happen in the summer. Maggie shows off the eyes of the butterfly path, palm-sized dishes of gravel and water. This clever addition, she explains, provides a source of water for the butterflies.


Of the many creatures at home in the garden, few can match the grace and beauty of butterflies. They are important pollinators and a delight to see in any garden. A garden that includes plants for the entire life cycle will attract a variety of native butterflies.

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